Important Post-Activation Steps When Keeping Your Phone While Upgrading From a Legacy Republic Plan to a 5.0 Plan


  • Upgrade from a Legacy Plan to 5.0 with the same phone


  • Former 4.0 My Choice plan
  • Keeping your phone as part of the upgrade
  • Just activated the 5.0 plan


  • It can take a few days for your number transfer to complete. If you installed the 5.0 SIM card in your phone, restore the previous SIM card to the phone during this transitional period as inbound calls and texts will continue to be delivered to the old SIM card until the number transfer is complete.
  • You will know the transfer is fully completed when one of two things happens. Either:
    (a) Your old service line will be deactivated
    (b) Your old service line will be assigned a new number. We’ll then need to cancel your legacy service line with the understanding that it cannot be re-activated.
  • Once the number transfer is complete, complete these steps, if you haven't already:
    • Install the new 5.0 SIM card in the phone
    • Download and install any update to the phone's operating system, if one is made available
    • For phones that were purchased elsewhere (any date), or purchased from the Republic store before 12/1/21, follow these steps to update the APNs: Finish Setting Up Your Phone
    • Uninstall or disable the Republic app if it was installed; it is not compatible with our 5.0 plans
    • Uninstall Republic Anywhere if it has been installed. We recommend the Messages app by Google or your preferred messaging app.
    • If you were using the Messages app previously, disable the Chat feature. See: How to Turn Chat Features Off

    Additional Notes

    If you are upgrading to 5.0 from a legacy Republic plan and replacing your phone, see: Important Post-Activation Steps When Replacing Your Phone While Upgrading From a Legacy Republic Plan to a 5.0 Plan