Republic Wireless Hearing Aid Compatible Phones

Some people who use hearing aid devices may have trouble when using a wireless
phone. The wireless industry and consumer groups representing the hard of hearing
have been working for years to develop standards and solutions to reduce the likelihood
of such difficulties. In addition, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set
requirements for wireless carriers and wireless device manufacturers. Republic Wireless
offers many hearing aid compatible (HAC) devices available.

An “M” rating measures compatibility with acoustic hearing aids, while a “T” rating
measures compatibility with induction hearing aids. The higher the number, the more
compatible the handset.

The following phones offered by Republic Wireless are hearing aid compatible:

Handset FCC ID M Rating T Rating Operating System
Motorola moto g power IHDT56ZG1 3 3 Android
Motorola moto g pure IHDT56ZX2 3 3 Android
Motorola moto g stylus 5G IHDT56ZL1 4 3 Android
Samsung Galaxy A02s ZCASMA025V 4 3 Android
Samsung Galaxy A12 A3LSMA125U 3 3 Android
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G A3LSMA326U 3 3 Android
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G A3LSMA716U 4 3 Android
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G A3LSMG991U 3 3 Android
TCL FLIP 2ACCJN048 3 3 KaiOS 3.0


Additional information

For additional information regarding hearing aid compatibility:

Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative: Visit GARI for in-depth Accessibility information on each device Republic Wireless sells.

FCC Information on Hearing Aid Compatibility for Wireless Phones


Last updated: January 31, 2022