Error: Activation Is Currently Unavailable for Legacy Customers



  • Error message: Activation is Currently Unavailable for Legacy Customers when trying to activate a 5.0 plan


  • All Republic Wireless phones
  • 5.0 plan
  • Republic Wireless account with phones activated before 12/01/21


If you intended to upgrade to a 5.0 plan, the plan must be purchased on an account that does not have any legacy (including My Choice) plans.  See: How to Activate 5.0 SIM Cards That Were Bought On an Existing Legacy (Including My Choice) Account

If you did not intend to upgrade to a 5.0 plan, you can open a Help Ticket to request assistance with a return. Note that we are no longer able to activate legacy and My Choice SIM cards.


All phones purchased in our online store after 12/1/21 work on our 5.0 plans only. These 5.0 plans cannot be on the same account as a legacy plan. See: Information for Existing Republic Wireless Members Considering Moving to a 5.0 Plan for additional information.

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