Changing Plans from a My Choice 4.0 Plan to a Republic 5.0 Plan


  • Change from a 1.0, 2.0 or My Choice plan to a Republic 5.0 Plan while keeping your number(s)



  1. Log in into your online account
  2. Click Manage My Plan
  3. Click Change Plan
  4. Review the guidance and click Build New Plan
  5. Shop for your new plan using the online store.

NOTE: You may choose any plan, and you may also add a line at the same time, but your number of lines must not be less than your number of existing My Choice or older lines.  You may choose to shop any combination of phones or opt to bring your own phone (BYOP) for each line.  You cannot shop for phones only without choosing a Republic 5.0 Plan.

      6. Proceed through the checkout flow and submit your order.

      7. Activate your new plan and SIM(s).


If you prefer, our Care Team can help you upgrade. Give us a call!

Republic Wireless by DISH Phone Support


8 am - Midnight, ET.
7 days a week

Additional Notes