Number of Lines Supported on 5.0 Plans

Republic Wireless supports up to two lines per account on the Only What You Need, Everything You Want and Everywhere You Go plans. We provide everything needed from a cell phone provider and none of the unwanted extras.  We offer simple, straightforward, and accessible wireless plans for households of one or two (which can include empty nesters, retirees, etc.).  Here’s what this means:


New to Republic Wireless

  • If you are new to Republic Wireless, you can open a one or two-line account. See instructions on opening an account and selecting plans and lines
  • If you are new to Republic Wireless and open a one-line account, you can also add a second line to that account at any time in the future. Note: If you already have two lines on your account you will be unable to add any additional lines.
  • If you are new to Republic Wireless and would like more than two lines, you will need to open a second account.


Existing Republic Wireless Members

Note: At this time, the process to move existing members (including My Choice) to Republic 5.0 plans is unavailable.

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