How to Split Your Account


  • Split a Legacy Republic Wireless account to:
    • Keep one or more existing service line(s) on a Legacy plan and upgrade other existing service lines (s) to a 5.0 plan
    • Upgrade an existing account with more than two lines to a 5.0 plan with a two-line account limit


  • Account on a My Choice 4.0 or older plan
  • Online Account Portal


Before you Begin

After this process, you will have multiple accounts, each with a different owner email address and separate bills. You can use the same payment method and account owner name for each account if you wish.

1. Determine how many accounts you need to create

Note: you need to create enough new accounts to accommodate all of the lines that you want to upgrade to a Republic 5.0 plan.  Each account can accommodate up to five lines, on the same 5.0 plan  

      • Example: I have 2 lines and I want to upgrade one of them to a Republic 5.0 plan. I need to create 1 more account
      • Example: I have 6 lines and I want to upgrade 3 of them to a Republic 5.0 plan. I need to create 2 more accounts because just 1 new account will not be enough.

2. Create an additional account and choose your plan for that account. See instructions on How to Use the Online Store and Sign Up a New Account

    • Go to
    • Select your number of lines on the new account and choose a plan
    • Choose BYOP or shop phones for each line
    • Proceed to checkout and create your new account with a different email address and password
    • Enter your billing and shipping address
    • Choose your shipping method
    • Enter your payment information
    • Review and submit your order

Note: Upon activation, a prorated credit will be automatically applied to your original existing account for each line that transfers to a new Republic 5.0 plan for the unused portion of the existing billing cycle. See How Will I be Billed When I Change from a Legacy to 5.0 Plan for more information.

3. Repeat step 2 for each account you need to create, choosing your plan and number of lines appropriately.

4. Once you have no more than five lines remaining on the original account if you are also upgrading those lines to a Republic 5.0 plan, then select Change Plan while logged into My Account so you can choose your plan and get SIM cards shipped for those lines as well.

Note: If you want to keep any lines on legacy plans, skip this step as you are not migrating the original existing account to a 5.0 plan.

5. Wait for your shipments to arrive.

6. Collect all the shipments and open all the boxes. Do not discard the SIM card packaging--you will need it in the next step. (picture)

7. Activate your lines account by account.  See How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card.

Note: You will need to activate both lines on each account at the same time.

  • Go to
  • Log in to the account that you would like to use for two of your existing lines that are being upgraded to a Republic 5.0 plan
  • Find the SIM card with one of the  ICC IDs listed in the dropdown menu and insert it into your first phone.  Set aside the current SIM card as you may still need it later.
  • Confirm the ICCID and click continue
  • Select Keep my Number
  • Enter the account and porting info for the existing legacy number that you’d like to transfer to that phone
    • The port-out PIN is your current Republic Wireless PIN (and can be set if you’ve forgotten it) found under Transfer My Number Out in My Account. Your account number is the telephone number of the line, but with a zero in front of the area code, also listed in Transfer My Number Out.
    • Please make sure you enter all the information exactly as it appears in your current account to avoid extended delays in the upgrade process
  • Repeat for your second line
  • Review and submit the activation
  • Number porting could take up to several days.  If you need to use the phones in the meantime, please put the original SIM back into the phone, and set the new SIM aside, labeling it with the phone number.  When the phone stops working, swap SIMs again.

8. Repeat step 7 for each account with lines that need to be upgraded

Note: If you are upgrading the remaining one or two lines on the original existing account to a Republic 5.0 plan, you will not need to enter porting info for those.


Additional Information

  • New accounts require the use of an email address that is not currently associated with an existing account
  • Accounts on a 5.0 plan must have all service lines on the same plan
  • For each account on a 5.0 plan with two lines, you will have one line at full price and the second line will be discounted as detailed in Republic 5.0 Plans