"Activating Visual Voicemail" or "Can't Activate Visual Voicemail" Warning in Phone App


  • "Activating Visual Voicemail" on-screen warning
  • "Can't Activate Visual Voicemail" on-screen warning
  • Visual Voicemail is working



It is not necessary to take any action. These warnings can be safely disregarded as they do not impact voicemail functionality on Republic Wireless phones.


A recent update to the Phone app by Google changed the behind-the-scenes verification method used to confirm the Voicemail tab (known as Visual Voicemail) in the Phone app, which was previously able to retrieve your voicemail messages. This new verification method isn't able to complete successfully at this time.

However, since Republic serves your voicemail differently from other carriers, voicemail retrieval is not dependent on this verification. You can ignore the warning message and rest assured that Visual Voicemail (your list of voicemail messages) is working properly.

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