How to Determine the Cause of Battery Drain on a Samsung Galaxy S10


  • To understand which processes or applications are using the most battery life


  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Android 10


  1. Charge the phone all the way to 100%
  2. Unplug the phone
  3. Use it as normal until it reaches 15%
  4. Swipe down on phone and tap the gear wheel in the top right to open Settings 
  5. Tap Device Care
  6. Tap Battery
  7. Tap Battery usage
  8. Take a Screenshot of the information shown
  9. Attach the screenshot(s) to your existing Help Ticket

Additional Notes

Be careful not to use either the Power saving mode or SAVE POWER options while in Settings. They have a tendency to shut down 3rd-party apps which will often interfere with Republic Wireless and could affect your service.

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