How to Transfer Files Using NFC



  • Help members transfer files using NFC.


  • NFC-capable phones.


  1. Open content to be shared.
  2. Place phones back to back.
  3. Wait for a sound to confirm both phones have detected each other. (The Sender's screen will shrink into a thumbnail and will display 'Touch To Beam' at the top.)
  4. Touch Sender's display to begin beaming. Audio will sound when beaming starts.
  5. You will be notified the beaming is complete by:
  • Audio Confirmation.
  • A notification that beaming has been completed.
  • The Handler app will launch and open the transferred content.

Additional Notes

  • The sending and receiving phones should have NFC and the Android Beam features activated.
  • The phones should not be asleep or locked. You will hear audio feedback when the phones detect each other.
  • Do not separate the phones until beaming has ended.
  • You will hear audio feedback once the files are successfully transferred.

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