Extend Home: Handsets Don't Ring, but I Can Make Outbound Calls


  • Handsets won't ring, but the call connects if you try to answer the call
  • Outbound calls work


  • Extend Home adapter
  • Home phone system connected to your home's phone jacks
  • Previous phone provider


  1. Disconnect any equipment from your previous home phone provider (e.g. Fios, AT&T, Specturm, etc.)
    • You may need to check every phone jack in your house to see if anything is plugged into it.
  2. If the phones are still not ringing after disconnecting your old provider's equipment, contact your previous phone provider and ask them to disconnect their equipment from the Network Interface Box (NIB).


The equipment from your previous home phone provider may be interfering with the phone wiring in your house

Additional Notes

Do not try to disconnect the equipment form the NIB yourself. You may damage the equipment and/or your home's wiring

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