Phone Overheats During Normal Use


  • Phone overheats during normal use



  1. Test in safe mode to see if an app causes this issue
    • For Samsung Galaxy phones, use this procedure instead
    • For LG phones, use this procedure instead
    • For the Huawei Ascend 5W, use this procedure instead
      Note: This phone no longer supported for activation as of 8/12/21
  2. If issues persist in safe mode, factory reset the phone to test the phone as a "new device", ie. in the state as it came out of the box
  3. Contact the manufacturer for repair options, as if the issue persists in a factory state hardware failure is the most likely cause. For warranty questions or questions of how to explore repair options with the phone's manufacturer, please open a help ticket.


Additional Notes

If the phone is in a hot environment, it is normal for the phone to shut off from excessive heat to protect the phone's components.

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