Error Message "No Bootable A/B Slot. Failed to Boot Linux, Falling Back to Fast Boot" on Moto X4



  • Message: "No bootable A/B slot. Failed to boot Linux, falling back to fast boot" 
  • Unable to Externally Factory Reset the phone


  • Moto X4


  1. Contact Motorola Support for possible phone repair
  2.  Purchase and Activate a new Republic phone from the Republic Wireless Online Store or from a third party seller with our Bring Your Own Phone program
    • Note: If you decide to bring your own phone, you will need to purchase a Republic Wireless SIM card either through the Republic Online Store or from Amazon.
  3. Alternatively, you can re-activate an older phone to use as a replacement


The phone is unable to locate the operating system (OS) on the phone. 


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