How to Change Recurring Data When Renewing Annual Payment Option

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  • Change the amount of recurring data when renewing annual payment option



  1. Log into your Online Account Portal and click on the Phones icon
  2. Click on the green banner that says I WANT TO...
  3. Click on Manage annual payment renewal
  4. Click on Update Monthly Data
  5. Use the - or + buttons to add or remove data
    • Note: The amount of data you choose will be for the next year when your plan auto-renews
  6. Review your order to confirm changes and click Submit
    • If your order does not look correct then click on Cancel to start over

Additional Notes

  • If your phone is not yet set up for auto-renewal, first Enroll in Auto-Renewal for the Annual Payment Option
  • If you don't opt-out of auto-renewal or make changes to your annual payment option prior to your bill cycle date, then your annual payment option will it will automatically renew for the same plan it is currently on
  • If you're increasing or decreasing the monthly data then the annual payment option will be billed and go into effect on your scheduled auto-renewal date

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