How to Change Recurring Data When Renewing Annual Payment Option



  • Change the amount of recurring data when renewing annual payment option



  1. Opt-out of your annual payment option auto-renewing within your account
  2. If you would like to change your monthly recurring data amount for the next 12 months of your annual plan, you may do so by following the instructions in How to Change Your Plan
  3. Sign up for annual billing again

Additional Notes

  • If you don't opt-out of auto-renewal prior to your bill cycle date, your annual payment option will automatically renew with your current base plan and data amount and will remain the same for the full 12 months
  • If you're increasing the monthly data the annual payment option will be billed and go into effect on your next bill cycle date
  •  If you're decreasing the monthly data, which doesn't take effect until your next bill cycle date, you'll need to wait until your downgrade request is complete, and then place your request to change to the annual payment option. The Annual payment option will be billed and go into effect in 2 months

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