Moto G Power WiFi Calls Drop


  • WiFi calls are dropped
    • Users may see an error message on the screen indicating that "Another Application is currently using the microphone"
    • The phone may ring as if the other party had called back, however, the other party did not experience the call drop and did not call back


  • Moto G Power
  • WiFi calls
  • Calls handing over from cell to WiFi
  • Build numbers before QPM30.80-63-6-8


  1. Update your Phone's Software to the latest build
  2. If you disabled the Google app's access to the microphone as part of a temporary fix, re-enable it
  3. If the issue persists, disable cell-to-WiFi handover in the Republic app by unchecking the option.


There is an app conflict created when the Google App does not release its claim to the microphone when it is no longer in use. This has been resolved by a maintenance release (MR) by Motorola.


Additional Notes:

In situations where your phone is behind several software versions, you will need to complete the process to update the system software multiple times

For information on how to check your Build number, see How to Locate the Phone's Build Number


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