How to Tell if Your Phone is Ready to be Sent Back to Republic Wireless


  • The phone is being returned to Republic Wireless as part of 14-day money-back guarantee or a warranty replacement


You can tell the phone has been factory reset by turning on the phone and you will see the following

A welcome screen with a continue option near the bottom.

If you externally factory reset your phone, please make sure the kill switch is disabled

  1. Tap Continue
  2. Connect to your WiFi
  3. When it asks to sign in to Google if it states you need to verify your account, it still has the kill switch enabled.
    1. If the kill switch is enabled, you'll need to finish signing in and then factory reset through settings.
  4. If it just asks you to sign in, then your phone has been successfully reset and you can just turn it off and send it back to us. 

Additional Notes

If your phone will not power on and Republic Wireless has already approved replacing your phone, you will not need to factory reset. 

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