How to Confirm What Credit Card was Used for a Particular Payment


  • Verify the credit card that was used for a particular payment on a Republic Wireless account


  • Online Account Portal
  • Invoice charged to the payment method on file


  1. Sign in to My Account
    Note: Only account owners have access to order, payment and return information
  2. Click the Orders_Payments_Returns.png Orders, Payments & Returns icon on the left-hand side of your screen
  3. Click on your most recent invoice with the Recurring.png symbol
  4. Click the Printer.png Printer icon
  5. A new browser window will open up and the credit card used will be displayed on the lower right corner

Additional Information

Invoices that resulted in no charge to your payment method will not display any payment method information. Examples:

  • Monthly invoices for accounts with all phones lines paid by Annual Payment
  • Monthly invoices where the total amount due was covered by an account credit or promotional discount
  • You can view the last 4-digits of the current credit card on file by going to Account Settings in your Online Account Portal


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