How Do I Determine the Refund Amount and What is Being Refunded?



To determine the refund amount and what is being refunded, read the details in the automated email sent to you after you start the refund process. Once we receive your phone, we'll review it for any missing or damaged items. If there are any missing or damaged items, we'll deduct those charges from your refund amount if you're returning your phone, or we'll charge you (to the credit or debit card we have on file) if it's a replacement request. You can find the List of Charges in the Return and Replacement Policy

You can check for refunds applied to your account through your invoices in your account portal or in the Orders, Payments & Returns section of your online account. Here you will see any refunds that may have been posted to your account as a result of your return.

Additional Notes

Please note that all returns should be checked prior to shipping out to avoid any unnecessary charges.

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