Can I Connect the Extend Home Adapter to My Existing Phone Jacks Instead of Connecting It to a Single Phone?


  • Extend Home adapter
  • Multiple, interconnected phone jacks/phone network


  • Yes, only if there is no other phone service or other devices connected to the home phone network.
 Important Note

If there is another phone service connected to the phone network, plugging the adapter into a phone jack could damage the adapter.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend plugging the adapter directly into a home phone when possible
  • The option to connect the adapter's green "telephone" port to a traditional, household phone jack using a standard telephone cord allows you to connect multiple telephone handset extensions to other household phone jacks for the convenience of multiple phones throughout the house. 
  • You still must also connect the adapter to an electrical outlet and router.  For setup instructions, see Extend Home Set Up and Number Association

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