My Number Does Not Work With the US Bank Mobile Banking App


  • Unable to register Republic Wireless number for use with US Bank App



  1. Contact US Bank support and ask them to please re-enable support for Republic Wireless telephone numbers
  2. (optional step) If you have a Republic help ticket open, you can request to be added to bug ticket: #1732459 so that you are notified when we receive updates regarding this issue.


US Bank has disabled access to online banking services for telephone numbers registered to VOIP providers (what Republic Wireless telephone numbers are categorized as). Republic will work with our telephone number provider to ask that US Bank re-enables their services for our members, but having Republic Members who are also US Bank customers report/escalate this issue with US Bank support teams directly can help provide additional urgency.

Additional Notes

With a recent app update, US Bank no longer accepts Republic Wireless numbers for verification purposes.

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