Accidentally Switched to Annual Payment Option


  • Switched to annual payment option without meaning to.



  1. If you would like to save your voicemails (they will be lost in the next step) then save any voicemail messages you want to keep

  2. Open a Help ticket (if you have not already) and let us know about the accidental switch to the annual payment option as well as a good time to cancel your service

  3. We will cancel your service line and provide you with a coupon for a month of free service

  4. You will activate your phone using the provided coupon code

  5. Let us know when the phone is activated and we will restore your number to your phone


Annual Payment option was accidentally selected ("pocket ordered")

Additional Notes

The annual payment option provides two (2) months of free service! If you can manage the single payment, it may be worthwhile to keep the payment.

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