Notification: Account Action Required - to Access Your Work Account on This Device, You'll Need to Set a Lock Screen


  • A notification indicates that you are now required to screen-lock your phone by setting up a PIN or password
  • Notification: Account Action Required - to access your work account on this device, you'll need to set a lock screen. This is your organization's mobile device policy.
  • Notification: Account Action Required - Due to your organization's admin policies a lock screen is now required to be used on this device.


  • Android Phone
  • Google (Gmail) account that does not end with



  • Remove the Google account that is requiring the lock


  • Ask the Google account administrator to disable the requirement in the GSuite admin panel under Devices -- Password Settings -- Password Policies


Beginning June 10, 2019, Google is rolling out an update to GSuite that allows GSuite administrators to require that phones and other devices signed into their accounts be secured. As they roll out this new feature, the setting is automatically enabled and Administrators must disable it if they do not want to require their users to lock their phones.


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