How to Use an SD Card for Internal Storage on Alcatel A30


  • Format SD card for use as storage in phone


  • Alcatel A30


  1. Go to the Settings App

  2. Tap Storage

  3. Tap SD Card

  4. Tap Format as portable storage to format the SD Card. 

    • NOTE: After formatting, an SD card can only be used on your device.

  6. Choose Move now to transfer the data from the internal storage to the SD card immediately OR choose Move later to move files later (choosing Move Now is recommended).

Additional Notes

After moving the data to the SD card, it will function as the device’s internal storage. Data such as downloads, music, pictures, etc. will be stored on the SD card by default.

If you want to move App data to the SD card, you will have to do so in the settings of that specific app (if available).

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