Google Pixel Devices - Inbound WiFi Call Screening Crashes


  • Trying to utilize the Pixel call-screening functionality on an inbound call crashes/drops the active phone call


  • Google Pixel phone on Republic Wireless service. Confirmed this issue occurs on the: 
    • Pixel 2
    • Pixel 2 XL
    • Pixel 3
    • Pixel 3 XL
  • the Pixel is connected to a WiFi network when the inbound call comes in (Utilizing the call screening functionality over the cellular network works as designed) 


  1. Open a support ticket with Google indicating that you are unable to utilize the call screening functionality with your Pixel phone. Email template:
    • "Hello, I am using a Pixel <insert model here> with VOIP service provider Republic Wireless which uses call routing over Wi-Fi. The problem I'm experiencing is that the Pixel's inbound Call Screening functionality crashes consistently for incoming VOIP calls. Otherwise, their Wi-Fi calls work fine with the system dialer. I reached out to Republic support, who indicated that their developers have opened a ticket reaching out for Google's assistance in resolving this bug on the Republic Wireless network (as it requires Google developer assistance to resolve). Could you please add priority to the developer bug Republic Wireless has opened? Ticket: 118842037"
  2. (workaround) - handover your call to the cellular network before answering the call if you would like to utilize the call screening Pixel functionality. 


The Pixel call screening functionality interferes with our Republic VOIP call routing technology, and in order to utilize the functionality Google developers will need to make some small changes in their implementation. 


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