A Different Number is Showing When I Send Texts from Messages by Google


  • Some message recipients receive the message from another number
  • Most recipients receive the message from the correct number
  • Some of the messages are dark blue instead of light blue



  1. Disable the RCS Chat Features in Android Messages
  2. Confirm your Republic Wireless Phone Number is listed correctly in the Messages app


If both the sender and receiver are each using phones & networks that support RCS protocols, the messages will be sent via RCS instead of SMS/MMS and will cause this issue

Additional Notes

  • We are a hybrid phone service, our servers, using the Republic Wireless application, may use a routing number in certain cases to deliver calls and texts
  • Safe Mode, or using an Android guest or user profile may also block the Republic Wireless application
  • Republic Wireless supports only your Republic Wireless number, found in both the Republic Wireless app and the Account Portal
  • If you recently activated a replacement phone and are not receiving text messages to your new phone, please follow the steps in Messages Still Delivered to Old Phone After Activating New Phone