Samsung Phone Cannot Play or Open Stored Visual Voicemail File


  • Unable to access stored visual voicemails (tapping on the voicemail icon has no perceived effect)


  • Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+/S9
  • Samsung Note 8/9 
  • Visual Voicemail via the phone dialer app
  • Recently updated android version on the phone to March 1, 2019 security update/Android Pie 9.0
    • Build Number: PPR1.180610.011.G950U1UEU5DSC1


  1. Open a help ticket and ask to be added to bug ticket: 1638123
    • Your attached help ticket will be updated once we receive confirmation that a fix has been released by Samsung
  2. (workaround) Manually call into the voicemail system to access your stored voicemails


The most recent Samsung ROM update has broken this functionality within the call dialer application. We are escalating to Samsung developers, but there is no current time frame on when a fix will be released to address this bug. 

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  • 1638123

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