Unable to Receive Texts from Wells Fargo


  • Unable to receive texts/short code messages from Wells Fargo's automated alert system


  • Using a phone on the Republic network with the associated phone number registered to a Wells Fargo account


  1. Contact Wells Fargo support and ask them to please re-enable texts for Republic Wireless telephone numbers
  2. (optional step) If you have a Republic help ticket open, you can request to be added to bug ticket: 1593640 so that you are notified when we receive updates regarding this issue.


Wells Fargo has disabled automated texting services for telephone numbers registered to VOIP providers (what Republic Wireless telephone numbers are categorized as). Republic is working with our telephone number provider to push Wells Fargo to re-enable their services for our members, but having Republic Members who are also Wells Fargo customers report/escalate this issue with Wells Fargo support teams directly can help provide additional urgency.

Additional Notes

As of February 7th, 2019 automated texts are no longer sent from Wells Fargo to Republic numbers (due to a change on Wells Fargo's network).

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  • 1593640

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