Data: Overview


This document provides general information about data (WiFi and cellular) and the Republic Wireless service.

WiFi Data

WiFi data is referred to as the data consumed while connected to a WiFi network.  Typically, WiFi does not have a limit on the amount of data that can be used and the speed is a bit faster than cellular data.  The range of WiFi data is dependent upon a few factors like location, frequency, transmission power, the antenna type, and the environment.  WiFi data is perfect for data-intensive activities (Skype, YouTube, Netflix, etc.).  This section covers some general information about the functionality of WiFi data and how it works with the Republic Wireless service. 

Cellular Data

Cellular data is referred to as the data consumed while connected to a cell network.  The amount of cellular data is dependent upon the amount that is purchased through the mobile carrier during a certain period, usually monthly.  Mobile carriers utilize cell towers which allow for coverage in large areas like cities and/or towns.  Cellular data is useful for activities like checking email or Facebook.  This section covers general information about the functionality of cellular data and how it works with Republic Wireless service. 


Below you will find some helpful frequently asked questions regarding data from our member community.

Open a Help Ticket

If you are not finding the information that is needed or having trouble with WiFi or cellular data, then feel free to open a ticket with Republic Help.  When opening a ticket, be sure to include the following info:

  • What is the specific issue you are having?
  • Which of your phones is having the issue?
  • What steps have you tried to fix it?
  • Does the issue happen rarely, sometimes, most of the time, or always?

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