How to Install a Republic Wireless Data SIM Card into Any Compatible Device


  • Install the Republic Wireless data SIM card into any compatible device


  • Republic Wireless data SIM card
  • Any compatible device


  1. Install the Republic Wireless data SIM card (for instructions, please refer to the manufacturer of the device)
  2. The data SIM is plug-and-play and should work immediately 

Additional Notes

  • To ensure that your device is compatible, please see What Devices Are Compatible with a Data SIM Card?
  • If the data SIM card is installed into an active Republic Wireless phone, do not follow  any activation prompts as the Republic Wireless app gets confused when a Republic SIM card is detected. We suggest you uninstall or disable the Republic Wireless app before installing the data-only SIM card
  • If you are not able to use cellular data immediately, you may need to Update the APN Settings

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