New Moto G6 Shows Scratched Screen


  • A new Moto G6 screen appears to be scratched while in the box
  • The phone has not been handled by the end user


  • Moto G6


Ensure that the shipping screen protector has been removed


As the Moto G6 is one of the few phones where the screen protector doesn't have other markings on it, it's difficult to tell that a screen protector to protect the phone during shipping is installed. 

Additional Notes

The included screen protector isn't designed to really protect the screen during use, only during shipping. If you plan on installing a screen protector, you actually leave this screen protector on the phone, and continue to use the phone until you're ready to install your own ("better") screen protector 

If the included screen protector isn't the concern, please see My New Phone Arrived Damaged


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