What Is the Difference Between an Account Owner and a User?


Each Republic Wireless account has an account owner. If an account has more than one service line the owner can assign account users to each service line if desired. See below for an explanation of each role and what actions each can perform.

Explanation of Roles

Account Owner

The account owner is the person responsible for the account. The account owner has full control over the account and billing information as well as the ability to add new service lines and assign users. Each account can only have one owner.

Account User

Account users can be added to accounts with more than one service line, but are not required. Each user has access to their specific call and data information and are able to work with Republic Help to troubleshoot and resolve most problems. Each user receives their own login information for the account. Account users cannot make changes to the account, or discuss account details with Republic Help.

Action Account Owner

Account User*

View and/or change account and billing info Full-Circle.png Empty-Circle.png
Change plans and/or add data Full-Circle.png Empty-Circle.png
Add a new service line Full-Circle.png Empty-Circle.png
Place an order Full-Circle.png Empty-Circle.png
Change a phone number Full-Circle.png Empty-Circle.png
Assign users Full-Circle.png Empty-Circle.png
Update E911 location Full-Circle.png Empty-Circle.png
Open Help requests Full-Circle.png Full-Circle.png
Change service line PIN Full-Circle.png Full-Circle.png
Request a number transfer Full-Circle.png Full-Circle.png
Request to bulk delete voicemails Full-Circle.png Full-Circle.png
Associate a number with a home phone using an Extend Home adapter  Half-Empty-Circle.png
(Only for un-assigned service lines)
View call records and data usage  Half-Empty-Circle.png
(Only for un-assigned service lines)

Additional Notes

*Account user actions apply to only that user's assigned line.

For information on how to assign or un-assign a user on an account see:

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