How to Set a Reminder Using Google Assistant



  • Set a reminder using Google Assistant



  1. Tap on the microphone in the Google widget
  2. Speak aloud "Set a reminder"
  3. When prompted vocally give a title for the reminder (For example "Job Interview")
  4. When prompted vocally set a time for the reminder
    • Note: If you don't say a specific day it will set the reminder within the next 24 hour period. The alarm will sound at the indicated time, not before.
  5. Confirm the reminder is correctly set, If it is not, tap Change it and start again at step 2


Additional Notes

If you have voice activation set up you can say "OK Google" aloud instead of tapping the microphone for step 1. You can also combine steps 2-4 in a single sentence, for example, "Set a reminder for a job interview at 5 pm tomorrow" would fill in all the needed information. The phone must be connected to either data or WiFi to use the Google Assistant's voice functionality.


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