Will Installing a New SIM Card Delete My Information?


  • Republic Wireless 1.0/2.0 SIM cards
  • Republic Wireless 3.0 SIM cards 
  • Swapping or installing a new SIM card in a phone with a SIM card already present or used


No. SIM cards do not store data. 

Additional Notes

If you're changing SIM cards on a phone, your photos, voicemail, videos, texts, call history, contacts, and other information won't be affected

An SD card would store data within a phone, but is a different optional storage card that is not required for any phone to operate on our network. Activating a new SIM card won't impact any data stored on an SD card, but as some phones share the same "tray" for SIM and SD cards, be careful not to remove the SD card when installing or changing the SIM card.  


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