What Is Supported with Email to SMS?



  • You can have any combination of to/cc/bcc in the email.
  • While Emoji are supported, attachments and pictures are not.

Additional Notes

  • The text recipient of an email to SMS message will only see the email address of the sender. If there's a "cc" on the message, the text recipient will not see the "cc" email address. However, the email recipient of a message sent to both an email to SMS address and a regular email address will see the sender's email address and the email to SMS address.
  • If your message is more than 256 characters, the SMS will read 251 characters followed by <...> to indicate the rest of the message. You will not receive a second text with the rest of the message.
  • The Defy XT is unable to use this feature as it is specific to the Republic Wireless application, which the Defy XT does not use.
  • Email to SMS is not carrier specific. When someone sends an email, the email provider is responsible for delivering emails to the recipient. 

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