How to Share Pictures with Google Photos in Full Quality


  • Share high-quality pictures using Google Photos


  • Republic Wireless 3.0 Phones
  • Google Photos


  1. Open Photos
  2. Tap Albums on the bottom
  3. Tap Three dots on the upper right of the screen
  4. Tap Shared album
  5. Tap the Photo(s) you would like to share
  6. Name the album where you see Add a title
  7. Tap SHARE
    • Note: Allow access to contacts if the app requests it
  8. Choose a contact shown, or tap More to see your full list of contacts
  9. Tap SEND once you're done selecting contacts
  10. Your shared contacts will be able to download the photos themselves from Google Photos 

Additional Notes

Rather than receive the photos directly, this method sends a link to view the full -resolution versions of your selected photos online to your contacts.  Photos sent over Android Messages can be of reduced quality, and most email systems restrict the maximum size for attachments, so this method should be used when picture quality is most important.


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