When Calling 1-800 Numbers I Am Directed to a Survey or Scam Instead


  • When calling certain 1-800 numbers I am directed to an unintended survey instead
  • Survey for cruise lines are often the exact type heard


  • All Republic Wireless Phones
  • Calls to 1-800 numbers


Check the phone number you are dialing carefully


There are incidents where other entities not affiliated with your intended call may "mimic" well known 800 numbers and establish similar numbers that, if easily misdialed, would instead route to these surveys. If your dialing is off by one digit, it would potentially route to such a survey call.

NOTE: we strongly recommend that you hangup if you encounter one of these surveys

Additional Notes

If you're calling from a saved contact number, delete and recreate the contact as the contact may have been corrupted and now dials an incorrect phone number 


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