How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Your Republic Wireless Account


  • Enable multi-factor authentication for your Republic Wireless account through the online account portal


  • Online Account Portal
  • Authy or Google Authenticator


  1. Install and configure either Authy or Google Authenticator
  2. Go to
    • If you're already signed in to your Republic Wireless account, click the Enable multi-factor authentication button
    • If you're not signed in, enter your Republic Wireless account credentials and click the checkbox for Enable multi-factor authentication then click Sign in
  3. Use either Authy or Google Authenticator to scan the auto generated barcode
  4. Enter the multi-factor authentication code generated by the app
  5. Click Submit

Additional Notes

  • An email confirmation will be sent acknowledging that you've enabled multi-factor authentication
  • Once multi-factor authentication is enabled, you will be required to enter a 6 digit code from one of the supported authenticator applications each time you sign in
  • Authy and Google Authenticator are the recommended apps to use as they have been tested and are known to work. You are welcome to try another app, but if you run into any issues, please use one of the recommended apps.
  • How to Disable Multi-Factor Authentication for Your Republic Wireless Account

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