Ventev Powercell Battery Doesn't Connect with the Moto G6


  • The cable that comes with the Ventev Powercell battery doesn't fit the Moto G6


  • Moto G6
  • Ventev Powercell battery


Use the charger cable that comes with the Moto G6 to plug into the USB connection of the Powercell battery


The cable that comes with the Ventev is Micro USB, as that's what needed to charge the actual battery 

The Moto G6 uses a USB Type-C charger connection, so the included cable with the Ventev won't fit this phone

Additional Notes

The Ventev Powercell is just a battery with a USB output and can be used to charge various types of phones or devices; different cables could be used with the battery if the included Micro USB cable doesn't fit your phone or device


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