How to Verify That a Google Account Is Enrolled in Republic Wireless App Beta Testing Group


  • To verify that a Google Play account is enrolled with Republic Wireless Beta application testing


  • Member that has signed up for Beta channel testing 
  • Republic Wireless app
  • Google Play Store
  • Web browser 


Using your web browser, visit the Republic Wireless Beta testing link within the Google Play Store 

  • NOTE: If not signed into your Google account, you'll be prompted to do so

If not enrolled you will see "App not available for this account. Your account isn't currently eligible for this app's testing program." 

Additional Notes

Ensure that you're logged into the same Google account on your computer, or whichever device you use to verify the link above, and your phone.  If you have more than one Google account on your phone, ensure that the Play Store is set for the one that's tied to the Beta testing group. 

If you're an enrolled beta tester, you will be notified by email when beta testing of a new app version is needed.  The beta version would then appear as an available update in "My apps and games" within the Google Play store.


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