Unable to Buy SIM Card Kit; "Bring Your Own Phone" Is Not Supported for Your Location at This Time


  • Unable to buy a Republic Wireless SIM card Kit
  • Website shows "Please note: "Bring your own phone" is not supported for your location at this time."
  • Website could still show "We've got you covered" when inputting ZIP code
  • May affect existing members already using Republic Wireless service 


  • Republic Wireless Online Store 
  • SIM Card Kit 


Open a Help Ticket and provide the following:

  • The type of phone you're planning on using
  • If you already have the phone, provide the IMEI of the phone 
  • 3 street addresses where you plan on using the phone


ZIP code entered is an area that has poor or no GSM coverage, and all Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) SIM card kits include GSM SIM cards

Additional Notes

We advise that this is "not supported" to prevent members from experiencing issues with cellular connectivity with GSM SIM cards.  To check GSM coverage, please see What is GSM Coverage?

Existing members may have no issues with their current phones, which are likely using CDMA connectivity.

As many phones, but not all, could use CDMA, it may be possible to use your phone on our service in your area.  Republic Help will assist to determine this and investigate compatible SIM cards.  To see if your phone would work with CDMA, you may review What Phones Are Compatible with CDMA Service?

NOTE: Republic Help may ask for further information based on the phone you're activating


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