Republic App Only Shows "Enable;" Unable to Update or Install


  • Republic app only shows "enable," and unable to update or install via the Play Store



Install the SIM card

  • NOTE: as there are numerous supported phones, search "install SIM card" with your phone's name within the Help Center for instructions 


Without the Republic Wireless SIM card installed, the phone can't be used with Republic Wireless service, so it's not possible to enable as it would assumed the phone will be activated with another carrier

Additional Notes

Motorola includes a "shell" version of the Republic Wireless application with their supported phones, even if the phone wasn't purchased from Republic Wireless.  A "shell" application is more of a shortcut to the Play Store for the app, and it's not fully installed.  This is designed to help members who purchase these phones with activation, as when the SIM is installed, the app will show point you to "update."


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