How to Set Up Messages for Web


  • To set up Messages for Web on an internet-enabled device



  1. Make sure your Messages app by Google is up to date before proceeding
  2. Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the same network (same router)
  3. On your phone, Set Up Messages by Google as the Default Messaging App
  4. Open the Messages app
  5. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen
  6. Tap Device Pairing
  7. On your device, navigate to in a web browser
  8. On your phone: Tap Scan QR Code
    • Note: Allow Messages to take pictures and record video if requested
  9. Hold your phone up to capture the QR Code in the camera window
  10. Your phone will ring or vibrate when it's ready 
  11. On your deviceaccept any authentication

Additional Notes

  • If your Messages app is not up to date you will not see the option to tap Messages for web
  • If you get an error while scanning the code, please try again and make sure your phone is capturing the entire code
  • To automatically sign in to your device next time you use it, check the Remember this computer
  • Once it is set up, your text history will show on your device

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