Activating New Phone with Forgotten Google Password; Current Phone's Google App Doesn't Show Verification Options


  • Activating a new phone
  • Forgot Google password
  • Same Google account already synced on currently active Android phone
  • Unable to select security options within the prior phone's Google app
  • New phone to activate may show "find your blank phone" instead of the make/model of the current phone 


  • Forgotten Google account password
  • Activation of a brand new Android phone
  • Current Android phone in working order and synced to Google account


  1. Ensure the current phone has a data connection, either cell or WiFi 
  2. Update the Google application on the current/prior phone
  3. Re-send any code to the prior phone using Google Verification


The Google app wasn't up to a version that included this feature 

Additional Notes

Once updated, the new phone should show ask "Do you have your make/model phone available?" indicating that the Google app on the current phone is ready.  You'll then be sent through steps to verify your account and then create a new password using the new phone. 


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