Republic Anywhere Desktop Update Version 1.5.6 - 10/19/17

Release Notes

Release Date

  • 10/19/17


  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

App Version

  • 1.5.6


  • Added
    • Spelchek!!! We’ve added spellcheck for Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and all macOS. You get the red squiggly line indicating a misspelled word. Right click to get a word suggestion. There are some limitations with this initial release:
    • Spellcheck on Windows 7 is not yet supported.
    • Spellcheck on Linux is not yet supported.
  • Fixed
    • Saving some MMS attachment types would have the wrong file extension.
  • Changed
    • Skip Anywhere Android setup step.
    • Before when members setup Anywhere for Desktop for a phone number that has never had Anywhere for Android activated, the member is forced to install and activate. This prevented some valuable use cases of Anywhere for Desktop when the Android device is not functional (damaged, lost, out of battery, etc.). We’ve now relaxed this requirement by offering a Skip button at this step. Since contacts are sourced from the Android device, Anywhere Desktop will not show contact information until an Anywhere for Android is setup for the phone number.


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