"Cellular Network Not Available" When Trying to Call on Cellular on a 1.0 or 2.0 Phone


  • Unable to call or text on cellular
  • Able to call and text while connected to WiFi
  • Receives the message "cellular network not available" when trying to call on cellular



  1. While connected to a working WiFi network, reset the cellular settings
  2. If the issue persists and you don't have one, open a Help Ticket and provide Republic Help a screenshot of the RTN Settings
    • Note: Please remove your SIM card, if your phone has one before taking the screenshot


This message can be caused by a non-working cellular antenna. Often this will be indicated by a hollow cell icon in your notification bar. It can also be caused by the SIM card having been inserted incorrectly or has lost connection with the SIM card reader.


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