How Do I Know If My Samsung Phone Will Be Compatible?


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Depending on whether you are looking on the phone itself, or you’re looking at the box or the longer SKU listed on websites, you’re looking for two different things.

On the phone: The model number listed MUST be SM-G950U1, SM-G955U1, SM-N950U1, SM-G960U1 or SM-G965U1. The “1” is very important. Unlike previous Samsung phones, the plain “U” version is NOT factory unlocked, and therefore NOT compatible with Republic.

On the box or websites: In this case, the SKU must start with SMG950U, SMG955U, SMN950U, SMG960U or SMG965U and MUST end with XAA.

The letters in between don’t matter, as they simply indicate color and capacity. To add further confusion, it appears that some retailers are using an entirely different SKU when selling the unlocked version. Best buy and ABT Electronics place a sticker on the boxes that they sell that shows “SMG950u1Z?AX”, “SMG955u1?AX”, “SMN950u1?AX”, “SMG960u1?AX”, and “SMG965u1?AX” as the SKUs for the US unlocked versions. Please note the “?” mark can be replaced with any letter as this letter indicates the only color. These SKUs will work as they are the US Unlocked versions.



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