Net10 All Data Mismatch Exception Message


  • Exception message "All Data Mismatch"


  • Porting a number to Republic Wireless from Net10


  1. Reach out to Net10 and confirm the information on file for the number you are porting
    • Name
    • Account Number
    • PIN
    • Billing address and zip code
  2. Log into your email and locate the exception message from Republic Wireless
  3. Reply back with the account information



Net10 has rejected the port order due to invalid account details being submitted on port order


Additional Notes

  • "All Data Mismatch" is a rejection message from the provider you are porting away from that indicates multiple items on the port order do not match what they have on file.
  • When viewing Net10 number transfers in Iris, the current carrier may read as Cingular Wireless. Don't get confused, use what is listed at the beginning of the ticket.
  • For information regarding Net10, Account Numbers and PIN Numbers see the following

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