How to Use Motorola's Device Help App to Test Your Phone


  • To provide information on how to test your Motorola phone's issues using the Device Help app.



  1. Open app drawer
  2. Tap Device Help app
  3. Tap FIX
  4. Tap Hardware Tests
  5. Tap the appropriate test.  List of tests are below:
    1. Audio
      1. Speaker
      2. Headset
      3. Microphone
      4. Audio jack
    2. Imaging
      1. Flash
      2. Front Camera
      3. Rear Camera
    3. Sensors
      1. Proximity sensor
      2. Bluetooth
    4. Hardware
      1. Display
      2. Backlight
      3. Touchscreen
      4. Multi Touch
      5. Battery
      6. Vibration
      7. Volume Button
    5. Network
      1. Wi-Fi
      2. Cellular Network
      3. GPS
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions


Additional Notes

If you encounter problems with the app itself, please see the article below on how to clear the data for the Device Help app:


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