Unable to Receive Google Verification Text Message to Setup New Phone


  • Swapping phones that are using same phone number and same Google account
  • Original phone isn't working to receive text messages
  • Unable to receive Google's verification text message using 2-factor authentication



  1. If unable to disable 2-step verification, choose to set up the phone as a new device
  2. Create a new Google Account or use another that you can access the authorization code for
  3. Log in with the temporary Google Account
  4. Activate the phone normally 
  5. Add the intended Google Account to the phone 
    • You should now receive the Authorization code for this account

Additional Notes

When Google tries to send the text authorization code, it can not be delivered since the old phone is not usable. Activating your new phone with the old phone number will allow you to receive the text message and proceed with adding the account.