"No SIM Card - Emergency Calls Only" on Moto G4


  • Message "No SIM card - Emergency Calls Only"
  • Intermittent SIM card error
  • The adapter and SIM card are separating slightly 
    • Note: The Micro SIM becomes a Nano SIM card once the adapter is separated


  • Moto G4


  1. Power the phone off
  2. Remove the SIM card
  3. Place one single layer of thin cellophane tape on the non-contact side of the SIM card
    • Note: The goal is to cover both the SIM card and the adapter portion of the Micro SIM card
  4. Reinsert the SIM card
  5. Power the phone back on

Additional Notes

For information on installing the SIM card, see Installing Your SIM Card

  • Note: You can also view the differences between Nano and Micro SIM cards using this link.

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